Citizen Complaint Process

1.5 Mile Run:

This test is an excellent indication of the condition of the heart and lungs as it measures ones aerobic capacity or the ability of the heart and lungs to utilize oxygen.


This test measures muscular endurance in the abdominal muscle group. Muscular endurance is the ability of muscles to contract repeatedly for a particular amount of time. In this test the applicant starts by lying on their back, fingers interlaced behind the head, knees bent, & feet flat on the floor with a partner holding the feet secure. On the command "GO" the applicant performs as many correct sit-ups as possible in one minute.


This test measures muscle endurance; a low level of muscle endurance indicates an inefficiency in movement and a poor capacity to perform work. This test also measures the muscles of both the chest & upper arm which are important in physical confrontations such as pushing, pulling, controlling & handcuffing. The applicant starts from a front leaning rest position with only their hands and toes touching the floor. Then the applicant begins by lowering their body toward the floor bringing their shoulders even or below their elbows. He/She then pushes up so that the elbows lock out and immediately thereafter proceeds to repeat the exercise. The total number of correctly performed push-ups is recorded.

Flex Test:

Flexibility may be defined as the possible range of motion in a single joint or in a group of muscles or joints, there is no known test that measures the flexibility of the joints, but the sit and reach test will measure the all important flexibility of the lower back and hip areas. Additionally, the legs and trunk is measured. After removing his/her shoes, the applicant sits on the floor with legs extended forward, knees locked & backs of legs touching the floor, they then lean forward at the waist as far as possible.

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