Citizen Complaint Process

The purpose of this policy is to avoid arbitrary discrimination against those applicants, who during their formative years, experimented with certain substances of abuse and also protect the interests of the department and the community. Considering that inclusive and sometimes conflicting research as to the residual effects of various substances, legal obligations and the department's responsibilities, this policy will be a realistic approach to reducing the questions of risks associated with the employment of such individuals.

Identification of present use and/or addiction to any illicit drug (cocaine, PCP, marijuana, LSD, etc.) by any applicant will be grounds for permanent rejection. Should the use of a substance identified be supported by the proper medical documentation, the completed investigation will be forwarded to the department designated physician for evaluation and recommendation. The purpose of this evaluation shall be to ensure the substance, although properly obtained, is not subject to abuse and/or the individual is medically fit to fill the assigned position.

Evidence demonstrating repeated use of any drug or chemical substance, e.g. marijuana, alcohol, etc., with such frequency that it appears the individual has or had accepted the use and/or reliance upon the substance as part of a pattern or behavior, shall be reason for permanent rejection.

Any applicant found to be involved (at anytime) in the illegal sale, manufacture, or distribution of any controlled dangerous substance will be permanently rejected. Any improper use of any narcotic/drug by any applicant after application will be grounds for permanent rejection.

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