School Resource Officer

Patrolman Jeffrey Novak began his new assignment on January 8, 2014, as the SRO for the Delmar School District. Novak comes to the job with over 14-years’ experience in law enforcement. Patrolmen Novak brings to the district a background that includes certifications and training within law enforcement, first responder, medical emergencies, investigative resources, forensics, gang awareness, active shooter, and required for the position, is the training and certification a Security Resource Officer (SRO).

On Thursday, February 20, the Delmar School District employees participated in one of many training sessions with safety and security as the focal point. This training was presented by Private First Class (PFC) Joey Melvin, a Comprehensive School Safety Planner from Delaware’s Department of Safety and Homeland Security. PLC Melvin accompanied Delmar’s SRO, PFC Jeff Novak, to prepare the presentation.

David Ring, Delmar’s superintendent, believes that the employees must protect themselves, students, staff, and our campus from every unwanted situation, and therefore we need to be aware of our surroundings. Continued training of this magnitude will better prepare every employee to address and confront problems that could help a tragedy. Ring also believes that working closely with our local law enforcement, the Delmar Police Department continues to impact school safety positively.  

Since 2012 the level of security within the school district has increased, and the training for staff and students is likely to occur. The recent addition of the full-time SRO has added to the level of security measures taken on by the school district.