School Resource Officer

Pfc. Jeffrey J Novak

Pfc. Novak graduated from the Lackawanna Jr. College "ACT 120" Municipal Police Officer Academy in Pennsylvania in December of 1994. Pfc. Novak worked as a Law Enforcement Officer in Pennsylvania till 2003, when he moved to Maryland to further his law enforcement career. Pfc. Novak also volunteered as a Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician with a local Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company in Pennsylvania. Pfc. Novak held positions as a Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, and Captain of the Ambulance Company before moving and is currently a Life Member of the Fire and EMS Company.

In 2003 Pfc. Novak moved to Maryland to further his Law Enforcement Career and was certified as a Maryland Law Enforcement Officer in 2003. Pfc. Novak moved up the ranks and held Detective, Sargent, Lieutenant, and Captain positions with the Maryland Agency till 2010. Pfc. Novak had received numerous Commendations with the Maryland Agency before leaving.

In January 2011, Pfc. Novak was hired by the Delmar Police Department and is certified as a Law Enforcement Officer in Maryland and Delaware. In January of 2014, Pfc. Novak was assigned as a School Resource Officer at the Delmar Middle and High School, where he is still currently assigned. Pfc. Novak is also a Firearms Instructors, Armorer, and Taser Instructors for the Delmar Police Department.