Citizen Complaint Process

  1. Starting Salary: Recruit - $41,828.80 and Officer - $43,920.24.
  2. All Uniforms and Equipment Issued: (except socks and underwear).
  3. Medical Benefits: Health plan available, paid for by the town, with employee's membership.
  4. State Retirement: Sworn employees may retire after 20 years of unbroken service.
  5. Holiday Leave: The employee receives 11 paid holidays a year.
  6. Annual Leave: Employee receives 1/2 day a month during the first two years of service. After the second year, the employee receives a 1 day per month. After the tenth year, the employee receives 1 ½ day's a month.
  7. Sick Leave: The employee receives one sick day per month. The employee may accumulate no more than 720 hours of unused sick time.
  8. Overtime: Time and one half is paid for overtime. Employees scheduled to work on a recognized holiday receive pay at time and one half in addition to another day off.

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