Inside the Delmar Police Dept.

Q. Where is the Delmar Police Department?
A. Delmar PD is located at 102
S Pennsylvania Ave. Delmar, MD, 21875
Q. How many Police Officers work for the Town of Delmar?
A. There are Twelve officers working for the Town of Delmar.
Q. How many Police Officers patrol the streets of Delmar?
A. There are Nine officers assigned to the Patrol Division of the Delmar Police Department.
Q. Does the Delmar Police Currently have any openings?
A. No

Police Reports

Q. Is there a charge for copies of police reports?
A. Yes! There is a $10 fee for a copy of all reports except a Fatal Accident Report which is $60. If photo's are included, the fee is higher.

Victims of Crimes do not pay for copies of reports!
Q. How do I get a copy of a police report.
A. There is a $10 fee for a copy of any report. To obtain a copy of a report, you must call the Delmar Police Dept. and ask for records. A copy of a Crime Report will be released to the person Filing the complaint, after the report has been approved. If photo's are included the price is higher. PERSONAL INJURY ACCIDENT REPORTS MAY TAKE 10 DAYS

Towed Vehicles

Q. How do I get a vehicle out of the Impound Lot?
A. Contact the Delmar Police Department at 410-896-3131 Monday Thru Friday from 8am to 4 pm. Ask for Ed Ferro
Q. What are the fees to get my vehicle out of impound?
A. The fees depend on the towing company and any special equipment needed to tow the vehicle.

There is a $35 Administrative Fee.

Storage is $20 per day beginning on the day the vehicle is towed.

Tow Fees range from $90 and Up, Plus the storage fee and any other special equipment fees.
Q. When can I get my vehicle out of impound?
A. Vehicles are only released Monday thru Friday 8am to 4pm, except for Town observed Holidays. Call first to be sure the office is open.
Q. How do I pay for an Impounded Vehicle?
A. We accept Money Orders made out to the Town of Delmar.

We accept Credit Cards during Business Hours of Town Hall from 8:30 AM to 4:00PM Monday through Friday except Holidays and Weekends.

Police Auctions

Q. When is the next Police Auction?
A. There is No Scheduled Auctions. Our Last Auction was June 17th 2017.
Q. When does the Auction begin?
A. The Auctions start at 10 A.M., but the public can start vehicle inspections at 8 A.M.
Q. How do I Bid at the auction?
A. A person wishing to bid at the auction must register with the auctioneer's staff and show a valid driver's license.
Q. What are the terms of the sale?
A. Cash! Persons paying with checks will have to wait for check to clear to get paperwork on vehicles.
Q. When do vehicles have to be moved?
A. All vehicle must be moved the day of the sale.
Q. What vehicles are in the next Police Auction?
A. When an Auction is scheduled, the vehicles are listed in the Daily Times and The Guide usually from one to two weeks before the Auction. There is usually a list at the Delmar Police Department. A listing and photos can be found on the Auctioneers website


Q. When will Halloween and Trick or Treating be observed in the Town of Delmar?
A. Trick or Treating hours for October 2017 has been set for Tuesday October 31st 6 PM to 8PM.

Project Childsafe

Q. What is Project ChildSafe?
A. Project ChildSafe(PCS) is the nation's largest and most comprehensive firearm safety education program. PCS is dedicated to educating firearm owners on proper handling and storage techniques. Designed to make homes with firearms safer and prevent needless accidents, PCS is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice and managed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.
Q. What is the goal of Project ChildSafe?
A. Firearms accidents in the home can result from an unauthorized individual, often a child, finding a loaded and unsecured firearm in the home. The risk of firearms-related unintentional injuries or deaths can be reduced when firearms owners are aware of and fully understand their responsibility to handle firearms safely and store them in a secure manner. The goal of Project ChildSafe is to inform and educate all firearms owners on key safety issues and to provide firearms safety kits that include a gun locking device.
Q. What is the difference between Project ChildSafe and Project HomeSafe?
A. Project HomeSafe was developed by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Inc. (NSSF) to provide key firearms safety education messages to non-traditional firearms owners. Project ChildSafe, with an increased emphasis on preventing children from accessing a loaded firearm in the home, is an expansion of the Project HomeSafe program.
Q. What is Project Safe Neighborhoods and why is Project ChildSafe a component of that program?
A. Project Safe Neighborhoods ( is a federal initiative that works so reduce gun violence and crime at the local level. Project ChildSafe complements that program's efforts by encouraging safe handling and proper storage of firearms in the home.
Q. What kind of locks are being distributed by Project ChildSafe?
A. The gun locking device distributed in the Project ChildSafe program is a cable-style gun lock that meets the California AB106 threshold. Cable locks require that many types of firearms be unloaded before the cable lock is installed, thus providing an extra level of safety.
Q. Where can the Gun Locks be obtained?
A. The Gun Locks can be picked up at the Delmar Police Department.


Q. What do I do If a Bike is stolen?
A. Report your bike stolen as soon as possible. Give the Officer a complete description of your bike and Serial Number. If you are not an adult, Have your parent file the report.
Q. What happens to Bikes that are recovered by the Delmar Police or a citizen?
A. Bikes are held at the Delmar Police Department until the next Police Auction where those Bikes that have not been returned to the owner are sold.
Q. How do I find out if my Bike has been found?
A. Contact the Delmar Police and make an appointment to look over the Bikes that have been turned in. Be prepared to describe your bike before you look at the Bikes that have been found.
Q. What can I do to prevent my Bike from being stolen?
A. You can't always prevent your Bike from being stolen. Here are some things that will help reduce the chances of the theft happening. Some of the steps will also make it easier to recover your Bike.

1.Register you Bike with the Delmar Police Department. You can do this online at or contact the Police Department and make an appointment with Ed Ferro.

2. Take A photograph of your Bike and record the Serial Number, Make and Model and keep this in a safe place.

3.Buy a good Bike Lock and use it when your Bike is not being used. Keep you Bike out of site and locked up when you are not around.

4.Place some type of unique identifying number on your bike that can be used to identify it even if the Bike has been painted.

DelMarVa Model Railroad Club Annual Open House

Q. When is the Open House for the DelMarVa Model Railroad Club for December 2015 and January 2016 FREE ADMISSION
A. The Dates have been set and are listed below.


December 2015
Sat. Dec. 5th. 11AM to 4PM.
Sun. Dec. 6th. 12PM to 4PM.

January 2016
Sat. Jan. 2nd. 11AM to 4PM
Sun. Jan. 3rd. 12PM to 4PM

Sat. Jan. 9th. 11AM to 4PM
Sun. Jan. 10th. 12PM to 4PM


Delmarva's Day In The Park

Q. When is the date for the Day in the Park Celebration Scheduled for 2017?
A. The Delmarva's Day In The Park has been scheduled for June 3rd. 2017

Animal Control

Q. What type of animal complaints will Animal Control handle?
A. Animal Control only handles dog complaints.
Q. How Do I Contact Animal Control For Delmar Maryland Or Delaware in Town Limits Only?
A. Contact 410-749-1070. Leave a message if you are unable to speak with anyone.